Out of Control

I set myself up to fail at least a dozen times every day because I think in absolutes.  I say things like, “I will not have a single piece of chocolate this week” knowing that statement has zero validity.  And then I feel so guilty when I eat chocolate (What’s a girl supposed to do when her neighbor brings over a huge plate of cookies?  Can you blame me?).

The issue with this kind of thinking comes down to one word:  control.  Sometimes I lack the self-control to make ideas into realities, and sometimes there are circumstances outside my control (like having a super nice neighbor). 

Now the self-control part is something I’m just going to have to work on (bummer).  But I’ve decided to make it a real goal this week to give myself a little more leeway on the stuff I can’t control.  See, I’m going to write it down (experts say it’s not a goal until you actually put it on paper…or screen):

This week I’m not going to give myself a hard time about the stuff I can’t control. 

I already feel better.  You should make a goal too.  Anyone have a goal they want to share? You can post it in comments and then it will be real

P.S.  Have you voted on the What-If entries?  You only have till Friday to post which scenario was your favorite!  Go here to vote! 

P.S.S.  I’m sorry I haven’t commented on your posts or on your blogs lately.  Blogger won’t let me post comments…not even on my own blog!  Is there some setting I need to change?  Anyone know? 


  • Lynn(e)

    I don’t know about the comment thing, but I too have problems with absolutes. I’m not so good at giving myself or anyone else leeway, so good luck with your goal!!!

  • Shari

    There are a lot of goals I should be writing down. Actually, some of the ones I wrote down I’m not even working on. I’m just bad all over the place. It’s summer. Is that a good excuse?

    Good luck with your goals!

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