Spinning the Wheel of Fortune

What does a retirement center and this Wallace Family have in common?

Our undying affection for Pat Sajak of course! The sad thing is that I’m not kidding. Jamie, Gavin, Laynie and I gather around our annoyingly large TV and watch Wheel of Fortune six nights a week. We even Tivo it so that we never miss an episode.

It all started one evening as a simple competition between husband and wife and has since turned into a year-long obsession. Jamie and I both have Wheel Watcher ID Numbers and are seriously considering getting Gavin one. We have the Wheel of Fortune computer game installed on our laptops and play competitively (Jamie vs. Me vs. Gavin). Gavin knows all the sound effects (the prize puzzle ding, the final spin bonk, the bankruptcy whistle), he cheers when a player wins, yells at them when they choose the wrong letter, and gives high fives to whichever of his parents solves the puzzle first. I secretly think it’s part of the reason he has learned all of his letters and their sounds so quickly…

And I’m totally not kidding when I say this, but Jamie and I have considered applying to play on “Couples Week” to celebrate our fifth anniversary. We have a strategy all mapped out. He’s better at choosing the letters and I’m faster at solving the puzzles. Together we would rock the Wheel right off its axis!

If we had an all cash total of 20K (which means we didn’t solve the prize puzzle, SNAP!) we would pay off our car and put the rest toward a down payment on a new house. I know, I know…how terribly responsible of us.

So I’ve made an executive decision that if we go on Wheel of Fortune and win money (and we totally would), we have to do something fun with the winnings.

Putting my Lipo dreams aside, I think we should take an awesome vacation! Jamie’s not all that interested in seeing Europe (imagine my pouty face). But I think I could convince him to go to an all-inclusive resort somewhere with a white sand beach. I know it’s not the same as fish-and-chips at Piccadilly, dancing under the Eiffel Tower, or slurping pasta in Venice.

I guess I’ll just have to make do with a hammock, sunglasses, and a pina colada (virgin of course)…maybe where they film the Corona commercials? And if we did win the prize puzzle, we would probably do that anyway.

If you had $20,000 that you HAD to spend recklessly, what would you do with it?


  • wendy

    DEFINETLY GO ON THE SHOW –Don’t call me though for dial a Friend (or is that a different show) $20,000 —are you kidding me. Can’t even imagine. I would for sure get the eye lift and TRAVEL!!!! I want to go to Greece. Oh, and I would get laser treatments on my legs to get ride of spider veins. YUK-O

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